Appropriate Student/Teacher Relationship

One concern it seams people have now days in what is the appropriate relationship between students and teachers. With social media sites like facebook and Twitter, teachers can post important information, post photos from class, etc. There are other services such as Celly or Remind101, with allow text messaging from teachers to students, but the teachers never see the students phone number, instead, a username. Some of these are possibly controversial, but the big one to most people I think is, texting.

Facebook and Twitter allow private messaging, but I still don’t think it’s as controversial as texting. I sometimes find myself texting my film teacher late at night before an event the next morning/day. I did this in middle school with my student council sponsor too. Some people might say that it’s inappropriate for a teacher and student to be texting, even worse, for them to be texting late at night (late being before 12am). During football playoff season often times there were last minute details that we need to know, so if we needed info, we’d text the film teacher, or he’d text us. I think that this in fine. I think that students and teachers should be allowed to text. Let the student have the responsibility to say if there’s anything inappropriate going on. During middle school and in high school, most kids know when things are inappropriate or if something needs to be reported. With modern technology, why shouldn’t teachers be allowed to utilize it?

More to come soon.