iPads and Studying

Today at end the end of our lesson in health we were given a choice, to study for the quiz we have tomorrow, or, whatever else we wanted. We had about twenty minutes until the end of class, enough time to study and do whatever else we wanted. Since most of us had our iPads, I saw many people start to play their games or do something else on their iPad. Some people read, tried to sleep, texted, or just sat there. I remember thinking myself “who would study, this stuff is super easy”. Though I actually spent about five to ten minutes looking over the material posted on the class website. What I found interesting though, is that I don’t think a single person other than me studied during class. We had two choices, and the majority of the class chose to play games, while other people did whatever. My question is, if this was a more difficult class, maybe biology or algebra, would the choice to do whatever or study be different? I’d hope so. Maybe some people did try to study but having the temptation of the iPad, book, or relaxing desk right there was too strong.