Google Inbox, and why you should wait

Three years ago I was happy to finally be switching to the iPhone after using Android for the last several years. But last spring, I made a change, I bought the first generation Moto X. I can say that the transition from iOS to Android was rough, and at points I wanted to go back, but now I’m a total Android geek. I am still a fan of Apple and continue to use my iPad, and love iOS. So this brings me to the new service Google is offering called Inbox, a new way to Gmail. Remember when your Priority inbox set-up went away and they made tabs to sort your Gmail like primary, social, and promos? That was in a way, stage one of Inbox. Google gathered data on how people used this inbox format and then made Inbox. (Confused with all the uses of the word “inbox”?) I personally hated the tab system and switched back to my priority inbox set-up. The new Inbox service is maybe a month old and I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m telling you, WAIT TO SWITCH TO INBOX. Unless you plan on not using your old Gmail again, don’t use Inbox. As soon as you begin sorting your emails with Inbox, it kinda screws up your regular Gmail inbox. I learned this the hard way, I had at least twenty emails marked “Important” and when I was going through emails in Inbox, it moved them out of my important section of Gmail. If you are a fan of the Google Now layout and format, you should love Inbox, they are very similar and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more integration between the two over time. Here’s some main points to think about before switching to Inbox:

-have some time to adjust to the new system

-be ready to drop using your regular Gmail inbox

-take care of any important emails first

-be sure you want to switch

And one more thing, if you’re like me, you’ll want to go through every email you’ve ever received, I don’t delete emails, and sort them into categories in your new inbox by Inbox. This took me about four hours to do over three days, so if you are like me, you should probably wait until you have time to also sort the old emails gathering cyber dust in your inbox. And, don’t get me wrong, I love Inbox, will won’t be going back to the traditional, old way, to Gmail.


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