Digital Badges

Recently I became interested in the idea of digital badges and social networking in the classroom. I haven’t yet looked into the social networking but plan to in the near future. I first looked at, then at Purdue’s Passport Profile. Along the way I grazed over Mozilla’s Open Badges, but I didn’t get any “vibes” from it. After about a week of searching I found ClassDojo. I played around with it until I was sure it was the one I like most. I created several classes and fiddled around with them using the teacher, student, and parent interfaces. I thought ClassDojo was simple, fun, and effective. Teachers can create their classes, add students, create badges, take attendance, give students and parents codes, and create student reports. Some my favorite feature are that once students have their codes, they may sing in and create their own custom avatar. Another is that there is an app for ClassDojo, but it is currently available for the teacher only. If you’re looking for a way to make class more interactive and fun, I defiantly recommend ClassDojo.

Below is the Student Introduction, though I found this useful to help me understand ClassDojo a bit more. View the ClassDojo Prezi Here.