A School’s Top Necessities-In Progress

Over the last decade I’ve moved a few times so I’ve gone to a variety schools over the years. I’ve compiled a list of all the things I think are necessary for every school.

1. Internet

Every school should and must have internet. A school’s internet should have websites not appropriate for school blocked, for example, facebook, Netflix, etc. Students should know internet guidelines and know how to be safe while using the internet.

2. Computers, Laptops, and/or Tablets

In the modern world using a computer is a skill everyone needs. It may sound silly but some people don’t know how to “Copy and Paste”. School should help prepare students by providing technology that students can learn with. Keyboarding should be taught at a young age along with safe computer guidelines. How tablets can be used in the classroom refer to my “IPad v. No iPad” post.

3. A Well Maintained Website

At Lake Travis the Administration makes a great effort to keep the school website well updated. I find this to be ESSENTIAL in keeping students, parents, and even sometimes teachers, up to date on news and info. All school news and important links should be posted, and/or have a link on the page.

4. Free Tutoring


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