iPad v. no iPad

Over the Summer I transferred schools. My old school, Westlake High School, had iPads for students and teachers. My new school, Lake Travis High School, does not have iPads for students but does for teachers. Eanes ISD seems to be a leading district when it comes to new ways of teaching and the modern classroom. Having experienced high school with and without iPads, I can say I have an unbiased opinion. When I was in eight grade I spoke to the Eanes school board about how my class had utilized the class set of iPads and Mac Books we had. I owe a great thanks to my teacher Ms. Fiske who I worked with throughout the process. Here I stand as a sophomore wondering what is better, iPads or no iPads. I personally think everyone has a different way of learning, no one is the same.  However, I can speak on what I as a student give my thoughts, because it seems many of the people involved in the iPad education revolution are adults and there are few students. The following are my observations and experiences:

1. Students WILL play games

There’s very little you can do to stop students from playing games. Unless there are restrictions students can’t get around there’s going to be somebody off task. The argument is whether the teacher should do something about it or not. Isn’t it the students fault for not being on task? Isn’t the student the person who will suffer? The student will suffer from not being on task, but I think in some cases it’s the teacher’s fault that the students are off task, and isn’t a teacher’s job to make sure students learn and are on task?

2. Choosing the right lessons and apps for use on the iPad

Some teachers try to go completely paperless, which is great, but others, can’t seem to do so. Some teachers don’t have time, or don’t want to take the time to find the right apps to use. When it comes to what you’re going to teach on the iPad and what you’re not going to teach on the iPad, I think the teacher should give students the option of both. myself, I prefer to do math on paper, I prefer to do essays on the iPad or computer. It comes down to how each student learns best. The situation with apps, there are too many to look through to find the best. Instead, look up what other people use. I also think that students know what app works best for vocabulary or what app is the best graphing calculator, so let students help in deciding what apps the class should use.

More to come soon.


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